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⁣Frozen deer saved by locals in Kazakhstan- News

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⁣This was chaotic as hell for no reason

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Two state of the art machines, powering off into the sunset. #DefiantByNature

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Get the T-Shirt in this video to support my productions:

I head down to Portugal this week to check out the Fliteboard word cup e-foil race that is hosted at the world water forum In Monsaraz. A super unique event that I was lucky enough to find out about after using my Flite board so much in the last few months and pushing it to the edge of it performance, they invited me to see how fast I could push their boards in competition. So, I take you with me and my GoPro as I travel from the UK to Portugal and we check out this amazing event, and put some of these epic new boards, new hydrofoil wings, motors, props and other technical features to the test to optimise for the best speed around a single track, racing against a group of unique individuals as they put on the worlds first e-foil World Cup...

This is 1 of 3 videos I will make from this event, looking deeper into some of the technology that is behind these boards, what sort of changes make a huge difference to speed gains and hopefully taking home the gold at this amazing and unique event!!! You can check out the whole event broadcast here:

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GoPro Max video of Brian ripping on the Lift efoil. Don't forget to stay for the end ;)

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The Lift3 Elite Series is a Lift3 Carbon board and three upgrade accessories. The first one to be released is this Elite Efoil Roller Bag. It comes in 4 sizes and sells for $900. It's wheels are removable and the entire bag unzips and comes apart to get very small for storage. The hardsided construction of the bag make it a necessity for airline travel along with a Zarges lithium-ion travel case. We stock both of these items at our stores, please reach out if we can help in any way. Houston Kiteboarding 281-508-6485
Music: https://www.bensound.com

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With 15 e-foils we covered the 20km long route over Wannsee, Pfaueninsel and Glienicker Brücke - Get in touch and join the next ride!

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▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁ EYETECH ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁
The Lift eFoil allows riders of all levels to experience flight over almost any body of water at up to 25 mph, no waves or towing required. The eFoil uses a state of the art lithium ion battery, a hydrodynamic, torpedo designed, electric propulsion unit along with custom electronics. It also features a high performance carbon fiber board and hydrofoil to give users the ultimate smooth and responsive riding experience.

One Lift eFoil cost a $12,000. Jetfoiler'

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁
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Verdant Ride is starting out the 2022 season with a brand new ride. This old wakeboarder will be hitting the water with the smallest eFoil, tallest mast, and sharpest turning wings that Lift makes. Watch the assembly video, agree or disagree with our opinion on Lift's logo. Features Boba Fett's newest knives, Swell insulated drink containers, special effects by Ghost Productions.


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We get on both the Flite and Lift efoils in one session to try them side to side and back to back. We were surprised with the performance and similarities between the Flite and Lift foils on the water. There are many differences but many things are the same.

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What is the best efoil? Fliteboard or Liftfoils? Which efoil to pick?
This question comes up again and again! And today we are going to
answer it once and for all! We are doing an honest and unbiased Side
By Side Comparison of a brand new Lift Foils E3 4.2 Pro board vs brand
new Fliteboard Ultra efoil! In this long and in-depth video we are
going through every detail trying to help you make an educated
decision on which board to pick!

Full disclosure - I am NOT affiliated with any brands and it's up to
you which board to pick. I got LiftFoils for myself but it does not
mean that I prefer it over Fliteboard Ultra. My goal is to test all
efoils and jetboards on the market and stay independent and unbiased
as possible.

00:00 FLITEBOARD vs LIFTFOILS Side By Side Comparison
02:20 Comparing their travel bags
04:16 Lift3 Pro 4.2 Electric Hydrofoil specs
04:35 Fliteboard Efoil Series 2 Model ULTRA
06:15 Comparing the weight of efoils
07:06 How Fliteboard and Liftfoils got to the market?
08:40 Comparing the mast
09:15 Fliteboard unified fuselage
10:52 Comparing motors and noise levels
11:40 Comparing efoil mast materials pros&cons
14:08 Comparing the efoil wings
16:30 Comparing Fliteboard and Lift foils propellers
17:40 Lift foils folding prop
19:20 Comparing what is inside efoil hatch
23:04 Comparing Lift and Flite batteries
25:30 Comparing Liftfoils and Fliteboard remotes
27:00 New Lift3 elite remote
27:50 Comparing the shape of the boards and volume
29:00 Final advice which board to pick
30:00 Comparing riding experience and first impressions
32:30 Range test results
P.S. It was extremely difficult to arrange this video and you might
notice in my voice I was very sick when recording it, but I could not
cancel or postpone it so we had to make it done on that day! I had to
actually wake up at 4-30 AM and drive 200km each way to reach Pedro
and his location. Apologies for my weak voice and hit "like" for
Summary Lift vs Flite

Liftfoils E3 4.2

Very Low noise levels
Durable and trustworthy machine "built like a tank"
Interchangeable wings with other foil board sports
Folding prop is a game changer
Little bit more volume (easier to start and sit) 59 vs 54L

Outdated technology with excessive amount of cables, data pins etc
(However new Elite controller is coming with more advanced tech)
Lack of a lightweight sports battery
Less stability when breaching the motor
No inflatable option, no lights, no leash, no straps option
App does not track rides (no gps)

Fliteboard Ultra
Advanced technology and simplified design with unified fuselage
No extra cables, no cooling pipes, no data cables
Strong aluminium mast, lights, place for straps and leash
Less weight (especially with Sports battery)
Higher stability when breaching the motor
App that tracks rides by GPS
Inflatable option (Fliteboard air)
Pro rider setup options with shims

High pitch annoying noise (louder than Lift)
The mast and wings are too sharp
The setup is done only for efoil and not interchangeable with other foling boards.

Both boards similar characteristics:
Similar riding time, similar charging time
Same effective mast length. (even though Lift 32 inch mast is longer)
Similar riding experience (which depends a lot on the wings setup)
A great range of wings and stabilizer wings
Outstanding premium support by both Lift and Flite
A wide network of dealers, schools and service centers
Trusted by PRO athletes and celebrities

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Check in February 16th.

Song: Big World by Paco Versailles

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The feeling of flying is something you want to share with everyone. Now with the @Lift Foils you can do it year-round. In this video, I was riding a 5'0 sport e-foil with a 170 classic wing in the beautiful waters off the coast of Florida.

Order your wingsurfing gear, kiteboarding gear, foiling gear at https://adventuresportsusa.com/?ref=DAMO and support us and the YouTube channel!

The perfect toy for the whole family.
@Lift Foils

Filmed with my GoPro Max.

The best board shorts.

Music: In-Flux.wav

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Created with the #GoPro App on my iPhone.

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day one with the 2021 e3 efoil by lift foils. 4'2 pro on a 32 inch mast is next level fun

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We are excited to get our hands on the new Lift LIFT3 eFoil. Some minor changes to the already impressive eFoil setup of the previous v2 generation. with all new improved wing design and board shape, this allows better performance and range of the eFoil. Come check it out in person at the shop, or give us a call for more info.

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If you'd like to support us, please use the "WAKETHIEF" coupon code when you purchase anything at the following retailer:

Green Hat: https://greenhatkiteboarding.com
MACKite: https://www.mackiteboarding.com
REAL Watersports: https://www.realwatersports.com

We make a small commission whenever you use our coupon code and will send you a small gift. Thank you for your support of our channel and our mission.

I’ve clocked more than 250 hours on a hydrofoil, and all of it on our lake in upstate NY. I had yet to try an efoil. I was worried that if I tried an efoil I might never want to get back on my classic foil. We had to face this fear, so tried each of the leading efoil manufacturers. We wanted to share my first efoil experience and compare it to the sport we know and love.

Safety Warning: Efoils can be dangerous. Please be safe. We’d encourage you to thoroughly review the safety material before using an efoil, and if you don’t feel safe, please do not proceed. Please proceed at your own risk. Wake Thief, LLC.

Disclosure: Flite loaned us an efoil for nearly a month. Adirondack Efoils loaned us an efoil for one week. Both were kind enough to do this, so we could experience efoiling on our lake and create a video showcasing our experience. Wake Thief, LLC.

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The Lift3 efoil boards feature an updated shape for increased maneuverability and ease of use. Combined with the upgraded construction, the new sizes, reduced weight and increased strength make the Lift3 boards the lightest and strongest eFoil option on the market. In this video, we compare the brand new Lift3 to the previous Lift2 model.

If you want to experience an efoil wherever you are in the world, go to www.LIFTFoils.com and find a Lift affiliate near you for an experience you won't forget.

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eFoiling is a community, it’s constantly amazing to us how many riders help each other learn, meet up for rides, and help share the stoke across the world. 42 eFoilers travelled across Germany to join our partners eFoilution and Hydrofil.de for this years group ride, looks like an incredible day for all involved.

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